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The large streams of audience are to be guided with announcements.  Drop off search messages and emergency calls are made as well. This is only possible with a public address system that provides a high level of speech intelligibility. Ceiling speakers are usually employed in such cases, but they can deliver a poor job in reverberant exhibition halls. Careful design work incorporating room acoustics is necessary to provide the public with information at all times.

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FIFA Museum - Zurich, Switzerland

FIFA Museum - Zürich, SchweizRoom and building acoustic planning works were necessary to ensure a high level of acoustic comfort through low reverberation times and thus low background noise levels.


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Jewish Museum ,Berlin

Jüdisches Kindermuseum - Berlin, DeutschlandBetween 2005 and 2008, ADA carried out the room- and electroacoustics planning works for the construction of the museum called Sukkah.


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German Historical Museum Berlin, Germany

Deutsches Historisches Museum Berlin, DeutschlandFrom 2003 to 2006 extensive planning work was carried out for the audio and video equipment of all permanent exhibition spaces. Also, the cinema located in the museum was planned in terms of room acoustics. 

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