Airports and Train Stations

Both airports and train stations have similarities, which is the constantly changing audience over time. Of course, this dictates a lot of safety regulations associated with this. From an acoustic point of view, this is the absolute guarantee of high speech intelligibility, especially in the case of emergency. This presupposes a speech intelligibility corresponding to the requirements of DIN VDE 0833-4 at different noise levels. Usually in such facilities, only help room acoustics measures help reduce the disturbing reverberation.

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Stralsund Railway Station, Germany

Bahnhof Stralsund - DeutschlandIn three rooms of the railway station, a voice alarm system was planned, which had to ensure the speech intelligibility in compliance with the standard DIN VDE 0833-4. Especially in the historical entrance hall, this was proven to be difficult. Many simulation runs and noise measurements led finally to success.

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Rostock Main Railway Station, Germany

Bahnhof Rostock - DeutschlandThe railway station is a new construction of 2003. ADA planned a new sound system with high speech intelligibility in the partially large rooms with reverberation time of up to 4sec. Extensive testing with different loudspeakers and additional room acoustics measures led to the target.

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Al Maktoum International Airport Dubai UAE

Al Maktoum International Airport DubaiThe world's largest airport with about 120 million passengers per year is currently under construction in Dubai.  The Consultant Dar Al Handasah plans the construction and the systems. ADA, as peer reviewer, verifies the planned acoustics and sound system requirements.

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Hamad International Airport Doha Qatar

New Doha International Airport (NDIA)In addition to the planning room acoustic measures, the newly constructed Hamad International Airport required the planning of the loudspeaker system and line arrays to be used and their locations and orientations. Extensive computer simulations were employed to evaluate the design.

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