TV- and Sound Studios

Studio complexes can be found in radio and television stations, as well as in theaters and concert halls. Musicians or music bands can plan their own studio facilities too. Room and building acoustics design tasks are of a high priority in such cases. Long reverberation or noise from the outside must not make the studio recording difficult or impossible. The studio equipment is the other aspect of such planning tasks.

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Beijing Film Academy Studio

Beijing Film Academy StudioIn 2017 and appointed by our partner office WSDG, we investigated the architecturally proposed finishing materials of the recording studio from an acoustical standpoint in more detail. Adjustments have been proposed.

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Zheijang Conservatory of Music (ZJCM)

Zheijang Conservatory of Music (ZJCM)For the studio complex (recording studio and control room), our partner office WSDG had developed an architectural design in 2017, which already included room acoustics input. ADA has verified and largely confirmed this design from an acoustic point of view.

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